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I literally grinned when I read the premise for the “Carnal Machines” anthology.
Mad science, sex, and a story set during Queen Victoria’s reign. A titillating trio of my favorite subjects, this was right up my alley. I had never written anything in this genre but I had to be a part of this.
Being a die hard Trekie and a Discovery Channel junkie with a life long curiosity of what make things work took care of the science.
The prolific “Anonymous” wrote the first bit erotica I ever read. Tart tales set in a time when the mores were different. I love the verbiage, especially the naughty words, most of which in my word-hoarding mind. The body concealing clothing, voluminous skirts made from yards of material, with the layers of petticoats, and the tightly laced corsets women had to wear to keep everything tucked in place.
And then, there were the rules set by society. The manner with which a lady should conduct herself, and what wasn’t permissible. Showing an ankle was scandalous.
But what fascinates me most is what it hid. The seething sexuality beneath the façade of propriety. Don’t you love the incongruity of it?
My interest in gadgetry of a sexual nature came to my attention as a teenager exploring my Granny’s attic. I came across yellowed catalogue peddling thingamajigs to ease or cure female hysteria. Frankly, some of them looked down right dangerous. The science was wonky but I could use that, and put my own spin on it for my story.
Once I started to type, this tart tale flowed, and it was the easiest piece I have ever written. I feel privileged to have to have a story included in this collection of imaginative stories with these talented authors.
A big thank you to our editor, D.L. King for putting this volume together. Thanks Ladies, Renee Michaels.